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Let Your Journey Begin

OUR STORY With roots stretching back to the 1960s, Kingdom Boards® is a father and son founded brand. Officially established in 2012 and inspired by a journey of following our passion for both wood and creation. OUR MISSION AND VISION At Kingdom Boards, we set our minds and skills to tell a story through handcrafting each board individually. We take pride in paying great attention to detail and craftsmanship making our product unique and one of a kind.Our Vision is to make each board authentic & personal to each individual whilst staying away from mass production and commercialism. We prefer to focus on the relationship built between the board shaper and the customer whilst inspiring people to pursue their own...

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Promenade Mondays

How it startedPromenade Mondays started off as a fun community celebration in 2012 by a group of friends with the idea of bringing skaters together and changig the publics perspective of skateboarding in the community. The city of Cape Town lifted the ban of skating and cycling on the Promenade in October 2012 as a trial phase to promote sustainable modes of transport during Transport month which was the perfect platform for skaters to be heard. As time passed it grew in size and faced challenges of being shut down by Law enforcement but the community overcame it all, with interviews going as far as television news channels and being in top 50 best things to do in Cape Town...

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