Surf Kick 30" Surfskate - Classic
Surf Kick 30" Surfskate - Classic
Surf Kick 30" Surfskate - Classic
Surf Kick 30" Surfskate - Classic
Surf Kick 30" Surfskate - Classic

Surf Kick 30" Surfskate - Classic

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Surf Kick 30" Surfskate - Classic

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Our most popular, stubby shaped SURF KICK was the first 'short' board we made in our kick tail collection, which drove our passion towards the Surf Skate Niche. It is very responsive and maneuverable when making top to bottom roundhouse turns, popping onto curbs or making last minute decisions. Let the SURF KICK accompany you on those flat wave days when you craving to surf the concrete.


  • Travel, Commute, Campus Cruising, Surf Skate, Carving
  • Perfect sized board for people ‘on the go’ wanting something comfortable to skate
  • Serves a great purpose for traveling, Campus Cruising or Commuting
  • All in all a fun, user friendly board for all.


  • Shape:  Surf Kick
  • Type:  Classic Collection
  • Hand Crafted in Cape Town South Africa
  • Shaped to fit snug under your arm
  • Functional Kicktail, Ollie friendly
  • Developed with deep machined wheel wells to make wheel bite a thing of the past and allowing you to dig deep into your turns.
  • Gentle Concave for a comfortable ride that’s easy on the feet.
  • Vertically laminated solid wood core for strength and rigidity

Every board comes complete with:

  • Laser Engraved Kingdom® Logo with date of Manufacture
  • Unique serial number and Shaper's Signature
  • *Your name can also be engraved in small if requested in the additional notes section during checkout
  • Your board comes setup complete with quality trucks, wheels and bearings.
  • **The trucks and wheels in the photo's may differ in colour and type depending on availabilities.


Board Shape: Surf Kick
Board Type: Classic Collection
Size: (L) (W)
Length: 30" or 76cm
Width: 9.25" or 23.5cm
Wheelbase: 17" or 43cm
Woods: Beech, Birch, Maple, Wenge, Walnut, Purpleheart