Promenade Mondays

Promenade Mondays

How it started
Promenade Mondays started off as a fun community celebration in 2012 by a group of friends with the idea of bringing skaters together and changig the publics perspective of skateboarding in the community. The city of Cape Town lifted the ban of skating and cycling on the Promenade in October 2012 as a trial phase to promote sustainable modes of transport during Transport month which was the perfect platform for skaters to be heard. As time passed it grew in size and faced challenges of being shut down by Law enforcement but the community overcame it all, with interviews going as far as television news channels and being in top 50 best things to do in Cape Town for free

What started off merely as a group of 10 or so friends gathering for fun ended up turning into a legacy with some weeks having a turn out of over 120 skaters and rollerbladers.


What Happens

Everybody comes down to the queens beach parking lot – Bantry Bay side of the Promenade around 6pm and slowly start gathering together, catching up with friends, skating around and teaching people how to skate. Then between 6 30 – 7pm depending on the crowd and weather, everyone gets called together for a quick list of community announcements and stand together for the famous group photo. Once the photo is taken, everybody kicks off making their way down to the Seapoint library where we finish off skating through cones on a small hill, talking nonsense and a bite to eat at some local restaurants. Occassionally the library parking lot is full due to an event, so we skate down to the lighthouse to watch the sunset and skate the little pump track

Who is welcome

Everyone, All ages are welcome and no boundarieswe have had young kids learning how to skate with their parents supervision and 1 year olds strapped to their parents to first time beginner skaters from all over the world and some of the top skaters from South Africa joining too to celebrate in the fun.

Every Monday at 6pm, skateboarders, rollerbladers, bmx’ers gather at Queens Beach parking lot to celebrate the lifting of the ban and putting an end to the negative stereotypes associated with skate-culture. But most importantly to socialise, have fun and SKATE!