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Skateboard Tracker AirTag (ADD-ON)

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We are living in a crazy, fast-paced world with many things to keep track of. Busy, dangerous roads, misplaced or lost luggage while traveling, and sadly also many customers falling prey to their beautiful skateboards being stolen. So we decided to give you one less thing to worry about.

Introducing the Skateboard Tracker - the ultimate added hidden accessory to track the location of your skateboard, child, or loved one while they are skating as long as their board is with them.

We have developed a secret hidden compartment under your trucks, which nobody can notice that perfectly seats an Apple AirTag (istore AirTag Product). You will now have the ability to track your children or loved one wherever they are skating, whether to the shops, to and from school, or with friends. Alternatively, if your board is ever stolen, you can go straight to the police and show them the tracking location. Also great for tracking your luggage when you are traveling or if you ever misplace your skateboard somewhere.

So why wait? Get the Skateboard Tracker (AirTag) placed in your board today and give yourself an added peace of mind.

*The above price includes 1 x Original Apple AirTag, machining and installing the hidden compartment for for you. If you already have an AirTag that you would like us to place in your board, let us know and we will fit it for you for a discounted price.

Please take note: currently only available and compatible for iPhone users.


  • The AirTag is a compact, lightweight device that connects to your Find My App on your iPhone.
  • The AirTag is designed to keep going for more than a year on a standard battery you can easily replace, and your iPhone lets you know when it's time to pop in a new one.
  • Battery life varies with usage, environmental conditions, replacement battery manufacturer and many other factors; actual results will vary.
  • Price includes 1 x original iStore AirTag with secret hidden fitment placement.
  • Setup is as simple as holding your phone close to your skateboard, and your iPhone will automatically pick up the AirTag to connect to your Find My App

*Currently only available and compatible for iPhone users.

Custom design

If you are interested in adding a Custom Engraving to the above board, Please CLICK HERE to ADD Custom Engraving to your checkout.


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