General Questions

First of all we are Australian! You are dealing with products developed in Australia and shipped from Queensland.

Secretly White Teeth Whitening Starter Kit 
We have put in a lot of time, research and product development to provide the market a complete kit to effectively and safely whiten your teeth. We have used the highest grade materials and ingredients to give you the best results in the comfort of your own home. 
Gels - Secretly White whitening gels are the highest grade made available to the public. We also provide a protectant gel which is great for people who have teeth sensitivity, consume coffee or soft drink, smokers and people who eat certain types of food which stain teeth. 
Light - Our UV LED Light features 8 LED's which is more than the standard. Secretly white provides the brightest light inside your mouth, activating the gel and effectively whitening your teeth faster. It also features a timer which turns off after 10 minutes of operation. Making it easy to keep track of your treatment time.
Mouth Tray - We provide 4pcs of trays in our kit. This gives you the peace of mind that you have a spare set in case you misplace or damage the trays while moulding them. 
We don't do universal mouth trays as it doesn't create a uniform bond with your teeth as the tray is too big. This creates uneven teeth whitening, the need to use more gel so it can contact the teeth better, wastage as the gel leaks causing gum sensitivity and discomfort. Our trays we provide in our kits are moulded into the shape your teeth which gives you the best results.
Tray Storage Case - After each treatment, store the trays hygenically and conveniently in the case.

Secretly White Charcoal Teeth Whitening Polish
Made from 100% organic coconut shell activated charcoal powder. This product is a great alternative to use if you don't want to use the gel whitening kit and if you have very sensitive teeth. The charcoal powder whitens, cleans, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your teeth safely without the need of chemicals. It also balances the PH balance in your mouth, reducing the chances of gum disease, cavities and bad breath. Made from high grade quality ingredients, this product is a convenient way to whiten your teeth without the need of added work to your current daily schedule.  

Up to 12 shades whiter from a kit. It all depends on how clean your teeth are, treatment time and lifestyle choices.

You can do a treatment everyday until you reach your desired results and maintainance is required.

Once you have reached your desired shade of white, we recommend to do a single treatment of the Gel every 2-4 weeks. If you are using the Charcoal Teeth Polish, continue use every 2 days to maintain your result.

Our formulas only whitens natural teeth enamel.

Our Teeth whitening kits are designed to be safe if followed by our instructions.
In some cases, some people do encounter teeth sensitivity after the treatment. We recommend using our Protectant Gel to reduce or eliminate the sensitivity. If your gums are irritated, you have applied too much gel into the tray causing it to overflow onto the gums. If you are using the Charcoal teeth polish and experience gum irritation, use our Secretly White Bamboo soft bristled brushes. Our range of brushes used in conjunction with the polish achieves the best results.

We have not done an clincal study to see whether it is safe for pregnant woman to use our Gel Kits. Please consult your doctor prior to use. Our Charcoal Teeth Polish however is an 100% natural product and is safe to use.

The Whitening Gel Kit instruction manual and shade guide is inside the box. Lift the product tray to access inside the box. The instructions for use for the Charcoal Teeth Polish is on the box.

You need to remove the battery cover on the back of the light and take out the batteries. There is a small plastic sheet under the battery to stop the batteries from discharging while in storage. 

You are saving hundreds to thousands of dollars instead of going to a dentist. Dentists use commercial chemicals for rapid results which is very harsh on your teeth. That is why many people are choosing Secretly white products to whiten their teeth. Our treatments are convenient, private and can be done in your own time. 

Yes, our gel kits come with mouldable trays to create a uniform bond. The Charcoal Teeth Polish is also very suitable.

Yes, all of our products you can use but the gel may discolour or weaken the rubber bands.
If you have invisalign, this product is also safe to use but through the use of our moulded trays only.

We are so confident our whitening products will whiten your teeth! We are proudly able to offer a 100% Results or Money Back Guarantee! If our products doesn't make any change to your teeth you can qualify for a refund. 

To qualify for our money back guarantee simply follow the instructions below:

Take a clear photo of your teeth before using our productsUse our products in accordance to our instruction manual Take a clear photo after you’ve used all of our productEmail with your before and after with time stamps attachedOnce approved, send back your product to us and a refund will be processed once we receive the goods back.

You have 40 days from the date of ordering, to process a Money Back guarantee application.

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