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Kingdom x Surf Skate Algarve

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** Some variants above may not display correctly for certain shapes.

Explore the Algarve's coastlines in style with our NEW Kingdom boards x Surf Skate Algarve Limited Edition collaboration. We have teamed up with Surf Skate Algarve to bring you a unique and exclusive surf skateboard, made with quality and love.

Order now to be a part of this limited edition collection. 


We have created two collaboration options:

  1. Swallow Tail 31.5" Surfskate Collab - A production board crafted with a simpler construction and produced in larger quantities to be more cost-effective.
  2. Fishtail 30" Surfskate Collab - This board is meticulously handcrafted from beginning to end by Daniel, the owner of Kingdom Boards.
  • Comes complete with our own spring loaded surf skate truck system.
  • For surf skate reference: the feeling is a similar surf skate feeling to Carver C7, YOW and Slide Surfskate trucks.
  • Wheelbase options: 17 and 18 inch


Kingdom Boards has always been supportive of collaborating and empowering local communities and we also love hearing different peoples stories and journeys.

When we met Rosa from Surf Skate Algarve we were inspired and could really see and hear she had a strong passion for her local community and bringing people together through surf skating.

Surf Skate Algarve started in the South West Algarve, right on the Atlantic Coast of Portugal,  Europe. A true magical place where wild nature rules and people from all over the world come to adventure around, surf and skate. That’s the exact reason why Surf Skate Algarve started: we love to bring people together with the love and joy of surf skating! All levels, all genders, all nationalities. A community for everyone. To just play and enjoy with care for our planet in our minds. We skate in the West Algarve, but really everywhere we go!

We wanted to add our own unique personal touch to the Surf Skate Algarve community and that is how we came up with this collaboration surfskate.


  • Limited edition 1 of 5 in each shape and design
  • Production Decks made with 7 ply maple and beautiful Walnut Venneer
  • Hand crafted decks made with a strong and unique sandwich construction consisting of solid beech wood core with Finnish Birch veneers.

Custom design

If you are interested in adding a Custom Engraving to the above board, Please CLICK HERE to ADD Custom Engraving to your checkout.


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